Smooth Roads Ahead

With Trimble roadworks 


The Trimble® Roadworks 2D Paving Control Platform for asphalt pavers is ideal for projects that require meeting a thickness specification, especially when milling is done to design using Trimble 3D technology. This technology can easily handle the task of paving a fixed thickness. Roadworks can reference off a surface, string line, or designed cross-slope, making it an excellent, lower-cost option for roads that have been graded or milled using Trimble PCS900 Paving Control Systems.

On the other hand, the Trimble® Roadworks 3D Paving Control Platform for asphalt pavers is a highly accurate, automatic 3D screed control system that can significantly improve paving productivity and rideability. It directly references the design rather than a surface or string line, minimizing asphalt usage, reducing waste and overruns, and finishing projects on time and under budget.

When used with a traditional asphalt paving machine equipped with a tractor and hydraulically controlled floating screed with a supported 2D system, Roadworks can be used to place a variety of materials, including hot asphalt, cold recycled asphalt, road base, gravel, concrete treated base, sand, or any other paving material.

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